Fruit Tree Care Lessons with Greg Peterson

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Join Greg Peterson from as he shares five key fruit tree lessons that he has learned from starting a new orchard in North Carolina, applying lessons from 30 years of experience growing fruit trees on his urban farm in Phoenix, Arizona. Listen live to enter our contest to win this month's prize,'s Growing Food The Basics Course - $197 value.

The host of The Urban Forestry Radio Show and Podcast is Susan Poizner of the fruit tree care education website  Tune into The Urban Forestry Radio Show LIVE by going to on the last Tuesday of every month at 1.00 pm Eastern Time.

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  • (00:00) - Show Introduction
  • (01:44) - Fruit Tree Lessons for New Growers Introduction
  • (02:17) - Why Greg is moving to a new site to grow his fruit trees
  • (09:17) - Greg's First Lesson: Wait a year before planting your first fruit trees
  • (12:40) - Greg's second lesson: Understand IPM
  • (22:49) - Greg's third lesson: Your first garden is your worst garden
  • (25:28) - Advice from experienced growers from the North American Fruit Explorers (NAFEX) group
  • (26:02) - Labels and map your fruit trees
  • (27:57) - Buy later ripening varieties (or early if you live in a warm climate)
  • (29:35) - Elevate the planting zone
  • (32:57) - Join the North American Fruit Explorers
  • (33:58) - Messages from show sponsors
  • (38:29) - Introduction to part 2
  • (39:38) - Planting is trios
  • (44:28) - Greg's fourth lesson: Pay attention and observe
  • (45:47) - How Greg plants new trees
  • (49:16) - Greg's lesson #5: Planting 150 trees is different than planting 5
  • (51:24) - Dig holes for trees well in advance
  • (51:52) - Learn how to graft fruit trees
  • (52:30) - The importance of thinning the fruit on your tree
  • (52:58) - The importance of correct fruit tree pruning
  • (57:22) - Appreciation for Apple Podcast ratings and reviews
  • (58:52) - How to learn more about Greg
  • (59:32) - How to learn more about Susan and her fruit tree education website

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Susan Poizner
Susan Poizner
Author, fruit tree educator, and Creator of the award-winning fruit tree care education website
Fruit Tree Care Lessons with Greg Peterson
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