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Topic: Starting Again with Greg Peterson of The Urban Farm.   
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Soil and Tissue Testing

Jack Legg, an agronomist from SGS Canada, talks about soil and tissue testing and how that can help ensure that your fruit trees and plants have the nutrients they need.

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Blueberry bushes are native to North America. So why are they so hard to grow? Find out how to grow them successfully with Kathleen Demchak, Senior Extension Associate...

Creating a "Tree of 40 Fruit"

Why plant 40 fruit trees that produce different types of fruit, when you can have one tree that produces 40 types of fruit? Award-winning artist Sam Van Aken is an ass...

When To Fertilize Fruit Trees

Your fruit tree's nutritional needs change throughout the year. Learn when to fertilize fruit trees with Tree Fruit Production Extension Specialist Robert Crassweller,...

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